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Veneman Collections

The Veneman collection by the Veneman Group is a company of fine furniture designers and craftsmen who passionately seek authentic qualities which enhance the pleasure of contemporary casual living Veneman Collections is a specialty manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture. Veneman products are only available through a few select design houses. Veneman is uniquely capable of providing complete custom designs. www.venemanfurniture.com

Durawera® synthetic wicker was invented to give users the same experience they get from natural materials so your relaxing lifestyle will never be diminished by the weather conditions. With the additional benefit of its UV-resistant property Durawera® wicker furniture can retain its colors much longer, withstand heat and snow and will not easily deteriorate with frequent exposure to seawater. It remains supple and flexible even after long use. Most importantly, Durawera® furniture is environmentally-friendly as the materials can be recycled and, therefore, reduces the impact on nature.

Today Durawera® furniture is a popular choice for household use as well as garden design and hotel landscaping. It is chosen by leading designers and interior designers for a large number of illustrious buildings all over the world. Nowadays, you can choose between Durawera® Rattan and Durawera® Synthetic Water Hyacinth furniture from Hawaii Thai.

Durawera® is an exclusive patented synthetic woven material of Hawaii Thai. We put our trust in the superb merit of this traditional handmade craft of Thailand that has been passed down through generations.

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